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Film Sample images

I typically shoot with digital cameras, but in some circumstances, or if a client requests it, I shoot film as well.

Shooting on film does cost extra. I charge $50 per roll which includes film, developing and scanning at 1200dpi. Negatives are available for purchase after they have been scanned for an additional $50. You have your choice of 36 exposures of 35mm film, 12 exposures of 6x6 medium format, or 2 4x5 large format exposures. There is a 2 roll minimum, expect 2 to 6 rolls per hour to be shot. 2 weeks prior notice and prepayment is required to ensure that I have sufficient stock of film, and can test at least one roll from the batch that will be used.

In addition to the per roll costs, an assistant is usually required when using film. This will add an additional $100 to $600.

35mm film samples

Copyrighted Grand View Photo Film Sample Image Copyrighted Grand View Photo Film Sample Image

4x5 large format film sample

Copyrighted Grand View Photo Large Format Film Sample Image
More large format samples can be seen here.