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Retouching / Photoshop Enhancement Rates

Basic Color and Tonality Adjustment - $0

This is done for all proofs.

Full Enhancement - $100

I will do everything I think the photo needs, including Black and White conversion if I think the image looks better that way. This typically involves subtle retouching such as blemish removal, skin texture softening, eye and teeth whitening as well as local tone/color/saturation adjustments. It may also involve more obvious and artistic alterations such as vignetting, removing distracting elements, sepia toning, etc.

Black and White Conversion

I typically shoot digitally in full color, and convert to Black and White in Photoshop.

Full Black and White Enhancement: $125
This is the same as Full Enhancement, but guarantees I'll make it Black and White. Typically involves a large amount of local tonality adjustment.
Simple Black and White Conversion: $25
No dodging/burning, just applying the most appropriate filtration to get B&W.
Batch Black and White Conversion: $25 + $2 per photo
If you have a large number of photos that you want to be Black and White, I will use my default Black and White settings without adjusting for each photo.

Montage - $250 + $50 per element

Take a look at the banner at the top of this page. It is a montage of 10 photos.

For another example, this montage I put together for the first wedding I ever shot would be $600 ($250, + 6 photos @$50 each, + 1 text element @$50).

Collage / Album Page Layout - $100

Up to ten elements per page / collage, that are not blended into one final image.

Custom - $100/hour

If you have specific requests, I charge by the hour with a one hour minimum charge per photo.

Guarantee of Quality

If you are not satisfied with the photography, you have your choice of a reshoot or a full refund.