Grand View Photography
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Serving Western Washington

Commercial Rates

My base rate is $500/day. This includes:

  • travel to anywhere in King/Pierce County
  • up to 2 hours of photography.
  • Basic Color and Tonality Adjustment for all proofs.
  • CD with web/email sized photos
  • unlimited license of photos for web use

Additional charges

  • Each additional hour of photography (up to the 8th) is $100.
  • Each additional hour of photography after 8 hours is $200.
  • All expenses are marked up 100%.
  • Non-web usage licensing is negotiable, but one time use starts at $25 per photo.
  • Photoshop work is generally $100/hour.
  • Work requiring a view camera or film instead of digital is an extra $1000 per day.
  • Best quality full resolution JPEG files are $50 each.
  • Losslessly compressed files in Photoshop format are $125 each, $750 if layers are not flattened.

Free initial estimate.

Terms: 50% deposit required based on initial estimate, Net 10 days.

Other items listed on my main rates page include albums, prints, travel, retouching/photoshop, cds, etc.

Guarantee of Quality

If you are not satisfied with the photography, you have your choice of a reshoot or a full refund.