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Platinum / Palladium Prints

Platinum/Palladium prints are the most archival type of photographic print available. Only a very small percentage of photographers offer this type of print due to the high cost and manual labor involved. Platinum/Palladium prints are handmade and no two are ever identical. Paper size is 11x14, and final image size will be either 4x5 or 7x10.5.

By using differing amounts of Platinum and/or Palladium in the emulsion, I can adjust the tonality to suit the photo being printed.

4x5 Platinum/Palladium print
4x5 Platinum/Palladium print from a large format film negative

7.5x10 Platinum print
7.5x10 Platinum print from a digital photo

Platinum/Palladium prints are $125, $200 framed.

A 20 image 14x11 Platinum/Palladium album, with Kambara Eclipse etched metal cover is $1850. I know of no other photographers offering this type of premium album.