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Personal Work

A small selection of my personal work:

mara bridge 4x5 platinum/palladium print
"mara bridge"
untitled 7.5x10 platinum print
beach steps 12x18 inkjet print
"beach steps"
stump fungus 8x12 c-print, limited edition of 1
"stump fungus"
dandelion 8x12 c-print, limited edition of 1
kayak 6x9 inkjet print
feather sand 4x6 inkjet print
"feather sand"
ants 10x15 inkjet print (won 2nd place at the Tacoma Photographic Society in September 2005 print competition)
ugly headed goose 8x12 inkjet print
"ugly headed goose"
rainier tacoma 6x9 inkjet print
"rainier tacoma"