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Environmental portraits and headshots of Kurt Thompson, taken at Salt Water State Park.

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Click on any thumbnail for ordering options. If you order a print, it is highly recommended that you also order photoshop enhancement/retouching.

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Retouching/Photoshop work is available at $25 per image, or $50 per hour.

Order one hour of retouching: $50

You will be contacted after payment is received to discuss what work will be done.
Order a set of 4x6 prints. I will have a local photofinisher print out a set of 4x6 images which I will do a quality check on (they usually end up making 2 or 3 sets before they meet my standards). There will be 239 prints in this set.


All images on disc with full non-commercial reprint rights granted. If you have your own printer, and would rather make your own prints, you can purchase a DVD or CD with all images.

DVD $45

CDs $45

These prices are guaranteed until November 30, 2006. Orders under $250 may include a shipping and handling fee. Buy a quantity of 2 of any print, and you will receive a third copy free.

Prints may contain small logos and/or copyright statements.

Album Prices

I will work with you to determine which photographs you want included in your album. Price for the album includes album design fees. The Platinum/Palladium album contains matted prints, the other albums are flush mount.

A 20 image 14x11 Platinum/Palladium album, with Kambara Eclipse etched metal cover is $1850. I know of no other photographers offering this type of premium album.
A 20 page 10x15 giclee coffee table book type album is $1200. Black slipcase included. Full color front and back cover.