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Sample from the wedding

Retouched & Photoshopped finished images are here.

To view proofs, click on the numbered links at the bottom of this page.

Retouching/Photoshop work is available at $15 per image, or $50 per hour.

Order one hour of retouching: $50

You will be contacted after payment is received to discuss what work will be done.
Give the Bride a gift!

Shanine will be notified of your gift, and will be able to spend it as she pleases on prints, albums, folios, retouching or additional photography.

$5 (increase the quantity for a larger gift)

Order a set of 4x6 prints. I will have a local photofinisher print out a set of 4x6 images which I will do a quality check on (they usually end up making 2 or 3 sets before they meet my standards). There will be 696 prints in this set.


All images on disc with full non-commercial reprint rights granted. If you have your own printer, and would rather make your own prints, you can purchase a DVD or set of 3 CDs with all images.

DVD $45

3 CDs $50

These prices are guaranteed until August 31, 2006. Orders under $250 may include a shipping and handling fee. Buy a quantity of 2 of any print, and you will receive a third copy free.

Small 4x6 prints will usually be printed borderless. Medium 8.5x11 prints will typically have an actual image size of approximately 6x9. Large 13x19 prints will typically have an actual image size between 10x15 and 12x18. Prints may contain small logos and/or copyright statements.

Album Prices

I will work with you to determine which photographs you want included in your album. Price for the album includes album design fees. The Platinum/Palladium album contains matted prints, the other albums are flush mount.

A 20 image 14x11 Platinum/Palladium album, with Kambara Eclipse etched metal cover is $1850. I know of no other photographers offering this type of premium album.
A 20 page 10x15 giclee coffee table book type album is $1200. Black slipcase included. Full color front and back cover.

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