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Amelia & Emre - 29 July 2006 - Snag Island, WA

Why should you choose Grand View Photography?

Hi, I'm Greg Barnett, and I am a photographer. I love what I do. Whenever someone tells me that I've taken the best picture of them that they've ever seen, it makes my day. I want to create works of art that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Flexibility and originality are crucial to getting the photos that you want. I adapt my approach to each customer, while maintaining my style. This is custom work, not a cookie cutter portrait with a generic backdrop. It is a bit like having a personal chef prepare a meal in your own kitchen.

I specialize in weddings, environmental portraiture, lifestyle and event photography with an emphasis on candid images that are a blend of the realistic and the glamourous. This approach is essentially the same as the "photojournalistic style", but with a touch more of a fine art sensibility.

Natural poses. I want you to move and act naturally so that I can create an authentic portrait of you, not a snapshot of you in an awkward artificial generic pose. To portray you properly, the photos can be taken in your home, office, favorite park, or other location that has special meaning to you. In addition to location, the activity can also be crucial. Perhaps it will be your wedding, a graduation, a party, having fun with your children, doing your hobby, working hard, playing harder, hanging out with your friends and family or just relaxing.

My retouching style is (usually) subtle. Often people don't realize the many small enhancements I make in PhotoShop unless I point them out. The overall before and after is a dramatic change. Of course, there are some photos that I make obvious alterations to, such as vignetting, emulating an aged photo, converting to black and white, sepia toning, etcetera. "Fix it in Photoshop" isn't my intent though. I strive to get the initial photo as close to perfect as the situation allows.

I want you to be so satisfied that you recommend me to everyone you know, and think of me immediately and hire me again without hesitation the next time you need a photographer.

Guarantee of Quality

If you are not satisfied with the photography, you have your choice of a reshoot or a full refund.